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I have always wondered why our leaders and politicians speak about leadership as if it is some kind of job that one can only do when they reach a certain stature. They call for the youth to come up and take the mantle yet they have clasped it so hard, their fingers and frozen attached to it.

So, they want people to lead. Young People. really! When they say, we need more youth to take up leadership, what do they mean.

What is a leader? Some say it is the person with qualities admirable enough to handle other people, to manage and show direction to the “directionless”. Some say a leader is the person in charge over a territory, be it an organization, family or a republic. Others say a leader is the guy with the vision, who knows where we are going. Whereas all these definitons are great, they fail to address important fundamental qualities of a leader, without which in my view he is not. People tend to concentrate on leadership qualities and forget the most important thing. What make one a leader?

… a follower.


World Cup Business

I have been wanting to write this blog post for a while now. Am sitting at the food court of Nakumatt Lifestyle (a shopping mall in Nairobi) waiting for the board to get here. More often than not this has been our meeting place for the Zegetech board when we sit discuss and iron out business issues.

I flash back to the world cup. The frenzy was fever pitch high. Even i, who has no love for the sport got into the groove of things. As amazing as it was, being the analytical person i am, i couldn’t help but draw a few parallels from the whole tournament. I saw teams come and give us great hope. Some of the biggest shockers were the big teams like Brazil dropping out before the crimson sunset. The North Koreans, only God know what happened to them. And ofcourse the Hope of Africa, Ghana came so close, but not close enough. In all this, it was Espania that took home the trophy. (more…)

Who Conjured up MKESHO

It has been a cause for debate, a breeding ground for confrontation and a melee of law suits. MKESHO touted as one of the greatest inventions in the banking and telecommunication industry has had many owners, or so called inventors. Just like the predecessor MPESA, it has attracted every tom dick and harry. You’ll find the next guy claiming to be the inventor of the MPESA idea. You have know Idea how many time I have heard some random guy tell me “ I was the inventor of MPESA. I took to Safaricom that idea. They built it and left me hanging!!!”. To this I usually smile and give a compassionate sign, but deep inside am LMFAO. (more…)


On my way to work today I had a heart wrenching real moment. Yes, you know those moments when reality hits you and truths dawn on you. That was it. As I boarded the matatu(public transport mini van) , I hardly could have noticed the conductor. He was in their usual purple uniform. AS I sat, I waited for him to ask for his fair. This is when I noticed something incredible about him.

He looked at me and motioned for the money, fingers rubbing against thumb, asking for the money. At this I quickly dived into my jean pocket and fished out the 20 bob he wanted. Handing it over to him, he took it without a word. (more…)


As a start-up Company, there are many challenges that one faces; we will herald our journey here from our genesis to………….whatever heights we will be able to scale, however this being my first post allow me to contribute on why you should do it anyway.

Business and entrepreneurship is said to require guts and risk and so must be approached with trepidation but i say DO IT ANYWAY. (more…)

Tandaa Tech Ideas Challenge

iHub was the venue of the first ever televised investor/Venture capitalist/Entrepreneur meet up. This was a forum that brought together Investors and venture capitalists from various organization and Entrepreneurs who were supposedly pitching their ideas for a chance to be invested in. The Investor panel included

  1. Dr Vincent Kouwenhoven from eVa fund (eVentures Africa Fund)
  2. Rosemary Mulwa from Grofin
  3. Kelly Murungi from Open Capital Advisors
  4. Paul Ohanga from Fanisi Capital Limited
  5. Pim de Wit from Africa Media Venture Fund

Seated at the panel, they awaited the entrepreneurs to display to them their ideas and businesses for the sake of wooing investment. Among the Entrepreneurs were

  1. Mikul Shah of Eatout.co.ke
  2. Tanous Koech of mTrader
  3. Sagini Onyancha of BrighterMonday.com
  4. Mark Kaigwa from GotIssuez.com
  5. Richard Ondick from SIM only PayPhone
  6. Peter Waa from PaySure.co.ke
  7. Steven Jumba of pewahewa.com


In the beginning

I have always wondered what to write if I ever started a blog. These past few months have been quite a rollercoaster ride if you were to ask me. So, in many ways I’d like to say just that. The musings and thoughts of a random somethingmaniac…

But I think that would be too cliché. What has been my hindrance was that I wanted to write something that would be of help to others in my path of life… those who have decided to walk the road less taken, start up a business, do something against all odds… those who have decided to live by faith. That’s what business is- Faith. But what?


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